English short-bio

Andres Diez-Herrero (B.Sc. Geology. M.Sc. Applied Hydrology. Ph.D. Fluvial Geomorphology and Hydrology) has been a scientific researcher (research professor since 2021) in the Department of Geological Risks and Climate Change of the Institute of Geology and Mining of Spain (IGME, CSIC) since 2005; and he has been an associated researcher in IMDEA–Water (Institute for Advanced Studies of Madrid- Water Research Division) since 2009.

He is a former lecturer of Environmental Geology and Water Resources in the European University of Madrid (1997-1999), the SEK University of Segovia (1998-2001) and the University of Castilla–La Mancha (2001-2005); apart from this, he has been a lecturer in the Overseas Studies Program of Stanford University (2014-2018) and different master’s programs in the Universities of Málaga (Water Resources and Environment, 2008-2018) and Alicante (Natural Hazards Planning and Management, 2011-2018).

His research themes focus on flood hazard, risk analysis and mitigation, using geological and geomorphological methodologies as palaeohydrology (sedimentology of slack-water deposits and dendrogeomorphology).

Publications (August 2020): 61 papers in SCI-JCR journals; 32 articles in national peer-review journals; in 14 complete books as author o co-author, and another 13 books as guest editor; more than 167 chapters and articles on scientific books; and more than 306 contributions to scientific conferences and meetings.

See more details in the ResearchGate profilehttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andres_Diez-Herrero